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I am so happy to own a copy of this unique manuscript. I live near Haworth so it was even more exciting to be able to buy it from the Haworth Parsonage itself.


Jane Eyre

We came across this title in the Bronte Parsonage gift shop in Howarth to our total surprise and delight and bought a copy there and then. Fabulous quality in this reproduced masterpiece and would recommend this treasure to anyone who has an interest in the works of the Bronte's, or simply a collector of books. Complete with the actual changes to words that were made before sending to publication this truly is a wonderful piece.


A must for all Brontë enthusiasts

Heard about this edition on Open Book and immediately proceeded to order my own copy. Quick shipping. Beautiful book, inside and out. The handwritten text is legible and fascinating to read through. A must for all Brontë enthusiasts.

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